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Heads up, y’all —

You know about the Disney Avengers Half Marathon Weekend, yeah?  It’s November 14th - 16th at Disneyland in Anaheim, CA.  The DeFraction clan will be there — the whole family is going to walk the 5k and Fraction and I will be doing the Half. (Er… Fraction will be running the half.  I will be dragging my sorry butt along and wishing I’d been better about my training.) We’re also planning an Anaheim signing the Wednesday before the event! 


Disney reached out to us — they’re looking for uniformed Carol Corps volunteers to cheer along the route. I think it’s going to be crazy fun and a really spectacular way to meet fellow corpsmen. And if that’s not enough, in exchange for your service, each individual will receive a complimentary park hopper ticket if they register and participate, so that’s an incentive as well! 

Kelly Sue, what do they mean by “uniformed”?

I’m so glad you asked!  They’re looking for cosplayers, primarily.  (Doesn’t have to be Carol — Kamala, Spider-Woman, Clint, Kate… anybody who’s a part of our world would work. Non-traditional cosplay would work as well, I think — I’m thinking about some of the spectacular Captain Marvel dresses I’ve seen.)

Wah! I’m not a cosplayer, but I want to help!

Do not despair!  I asked if they’d consider non-cosplayers and I told them about our CC shirts.  The response came back that cosplayers would be preferred, but if you have this Carol Corps shirt, you could consider it your uniform and you’d be welcome to apply as well.  

What do you mean by “apply,” Kelly Sue? Is there paperwork involved? 

Not paperwork per se, but there will be a registration website going live in a couple of weeks. Everyone who registers will need to submit a photo of themselves wearing their costume (or their t-shirt!) so that Disney can do their best to screen for “potentially inappropriate clothing” — their words, not mine.  I don’t foresee any problems for us, though…?  

Anyway, if you choose to apply, here’s what they’ll ask for:

Email Address
Phone Number
Club or Group (if applicable) THIS IS WHERE YOU WRITE “CAROL CORPS”
Marvel Character Portrayed: (If you’re not a cosplayer, but you have the t-shirt, just put CAROL CORPS MEMBER here)

Nicole Campos has volunteered to help co-ordinate volunteers, so stay tuned for an introduction to her too. 

Let me know if you have any questions and I’ll do my best to get answers.  The site won’t be up for another week or two, but we’re getting the word out now so folks have time to plan/pull together costumes.  

Cool? Cool. See you there. 

(We Can Do It image courtesy of the AMAZING and MUCH-BELOVED Flatbear.)


NYCC folk! I’m probably doing a couple of simple cosplays since I don’t have time to prepare in advance, so if anyone wants to be the Suzie to my Jon (Sex Criminals) or the Kate to my Clint (Hawkguy), hit me up and we’ll take some cool pics.

See y’all at the Brimper Corps meetup!

[Also if someone wants to make me a Mar-Vell costume for a commission, or better yet, a gender-bent Kamala Khan, I’d be 200% down. Gotta represent my Carol Corps homies too]


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